Washing Concrete

Concrete Cleaning Around Your Home

If neglected, the concrete around your home is likely filthy, especially after a long winter? Well, you’re not alone. Concrete cleaning is a specialty service. Americans are heading outside now with the warmer weather. They assess the effects and damage the colder weather and the flucuating temperatures has done to their concrete surfaces. However, the … Continued

Roof Washing in Spring

Why Spring Cleaning Should Include Roof Washing

When’s the last time you had your roof professionally washed? If you’re like most people, you never even considered that there is such a thing as “professional roof washer.” But there is. Ethan’s Roof and Exterior Washing washes roofs all over the great state of Louisiana. As the weather gets warmer and more and more … Continued

Lacombe Louisiana

Why You Should Not Pressure Wash Your Home

If the outside of your home is dirty, you might be tempted to pressure wash it. While this might sound like a great idea, you can actually cause a lot of damage to your home if you aren’t careful with a pressure washer. Talk a look at several reasons why you shouldn’t ever pressure wash … Continued

Cleaning Out Gutters

The Importance of Having Your Gutters Cleaned Out

Ethan’s Roof and Exterior Washing serves the great people and places of Louisiana, in places as far west as Baton Rouge, east to Slidell, north to Folsom and south to Metairie, and New Orleans. If and when you need your gutters cleaned out, call Ethan’s in Covington at 985-789-6436. Louisiana is home to many different … Continued

Dirty roofs have a short life span

Most people don’t realize that dirty roofs have a short life span. The before photo (above) is on many roofs.  The evidence of damage is shown below in this before/after photo. Notice the loss of roof granules in the lower portion of the photo. This clean portion once was dirty and the cleaning of this … Continued

The Negatives Of Pressure Washing

When you first see your home with the green-black mold or algae, you want it off immediately. Often times, homeowners want to use a pressure washer on their home because it seems like a good and simple way to wash the grime and dirt off, however, it may actually cause more problems. The paint can … Continued

The Benefits Of Soft Washing

The Benefits Of Soft Washing

When we see growth or stains on our home, our first reaction is to get rid of it immediately and powerfully, so we turn to the pressure washer. Unfortunately, although popular, using a pressure washer in most cases will do more harm than good. Soft washing is applying the cleaning agents at a low pressure … Continued

Unappealing Algae On Your Roof? Wash & Treat It Away

Unappealing Algae On Your Roof? Wash & Treat It Away

We’ve all seen it; that nasty green/black algae that can invade the exterior areas of our homes. It’s generally on the sides that are in the shade and hold moisture. The longer it sits on your home or building, the harder it is to permanently remove it and the longer it sits on your home, … Continued