Church Steeple Washing

Church Steeple Washing
Church Steeple Washing

We utilize a No-Pressure cleaning process.


 We do not just wash them, we treat them.


We apply a solution that keeps the algae from returning. So we both clean/wash and treat.

Our  process for Church steeple washing is the most environmentally responsible approach to roof and exterior cleaning. In fact, its been around for 20 years. Bacteria, fungus and algae growing on the exterior of buildings are more closely associated with an infection than a stain. Blowing them off with pressure not only potentially damages the  surface, it is not enough to kill the infection. The result is, the infection returns quickly.

Our process is 100% Eco-Friendly. It’s a no-damage, safe, and affordable Soft Washing technique.

Pressure washing blasts away healthy surfaces. We clean Church steeples with special care.

Our no pressure process for Church Steeple Washing treats the problem areas without damaging good healthy surface areas. As rare as the case might be, we do have the ability and IF ASKED AND NEEDED, to apply high pressure to get rid of stains. Many of the local retailers sell equipment and chemicals to do a pretty good job but if you want a job to last through the years it’s best to hire a  professional. If you do, be sure they are properly insured, certified in areas of washing, and have great customer reviews. We pride ourselves in having great reviews and strive to provide quality that warrants that great review. We are a local business family since 1998 and our reputation is everything. If we see you out and about we are glad to say hello, knowing we did a great job for you. Let us do your Church steeple washing.

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