Why Spring Cleaning Should Include Roof Washing

When’s the last time you had your roof professionally washed? If you’re like most people, you never even considered that there is such a thing as “professional roof washer.” But there is. Ethan’s Roof and Exterior Washing washes roofs all over the great state of Louisiana.

As the weather gets warmer and more and more flowers pop out of the ground, that means that spring has sprung. And what happens each spring? We get the urge to do spring cleaning. Some of us actually do it, while others don’t. However, most people do get that urge.

While we tend to clean up stuff in the house and some stuff on and around the home’s exterior, we generally don’t even think about the roof. After all, it’s high up, above us, and we don’t see much of it with our own eyes. Anything could be happening “up there” and unless we have a drone camera to see it, we’re probably not going to worry about it unless there’s a visible hole and rain comes in.

That said, your roof is the most important surface of your home– it’s your protector, keeping the weather outside, as well as keeping animals, tree branches, and other stuff from bothering you. During the winter, a roof can take a beating, especially when winter storms come through town.

This spring, why not hire Ethan’s Roof and Exterior Washing to come wash your roof off– it’s like a bath for your roof! Washing the roof can help get rid of errant stains, footprints, streaks, leaves, sticks, and mold/algae growth. Furthermore, you get the added benefit of having someone take a look at your roof and then tell you what condition it’s in. You might have damage and not even realize it ‘til someone takes a look and informs you.

Ethan’s uses a low/non-pressure approach to washing your roof. It’s 100% eco-friendly, safe, affordable, and non-damaging to your roof. Plus, a solution is added that will keep algae from returning to your roof– a nice treatment in addition to the cleaning. Ethan’s even gives customers a 3-year warranty. Ask about that and schedule a roof washing by contacting Ethan’s today at 985-789-6436.

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