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On your roof and house, the pressure is no more than that of a garden hose. This process is recommended by ARMA (American Roof Manufacturing Association) and GAF (Americas largest shingle manufacturing.).  For some surfaces like concrete walkways or driveways, pressure is required.

Likely Yes. An untreated roof shingle might lose up to 50% of it’s expected life. The black streaks are bacteria and eat the limestone in the shingle, causing erosion. The same goes for moss, lichen, they all cause granular loss from shingles. The fiber root systems in moss and lichen cause discoloration, and can cause small cracks in shingles. Granular loss also reduces reflection of the suns UV rays and protection from the elements.

Yes, we carry a million dollar policy. View our policy here.

Yes, and there is no pressure to buy.

Prices vary due to size, pitch, height and the types of treatment required.

Virtually all work does not require our technicians to get on roofs. Ladders, booms or long reaching streams of liquid product are used to treat high surfaces.

We are well schooled in the techniques and products used as required by RCIA and Doug Ruckers School of Washing.

All of the techniques and products used to beautify your property are safe to you,  your family, your pets and your yard unless specified. Our technicians are trained to protect all plants, property and more important, those who must enter and exit the property.
To ensure plants are protected, they are watered prior to cleaning, during cleaning and after cleaning. Finally, we apply a proprietary plant wash that adds nutrients and neutralizes any remaining solution. In other words, you plants get a day at the spa.

A combination of the  following; We provide safe, proven N0-Pressure methods, we utilize top professional grade equipment, and use non-damaging, eco-friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solutions for your all your exterior home cleaning needs.  We are trained and specialize in the cleaning and treatment of all of our services.

Payment is due when the work is complete.

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