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Hammond, LA Roof Washing

Those black streaks on your roof are more than unsightly, they are dangerous. Left to their own devices, those marks can grow and destroy your roof in the process. This is because they are caused by algae, also known as Gloeocapsa Magma. It literally feeds off the limestone in your shingles and has a two-prong effect, both of which are damaging. First, the integrity of the shingles is reduced, then the roof’s ability to reflect UV rays is also impaired. UV rays can mean rising energy bills.

One solution is high-pressure power washing, but this is not the most effective roof wash technique. While it is great for cleaning your roof, it is also very likely to damage the asphalt. The Asphalt Roof Manufactures Association has said it clearly, high-pressure washing systems should never be used on asphalt shingled roofs.

Our company offers soft wash roof cleaning services.

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Hammond Roof Pressure Washing Process

Fortunately, Ethan’s Roof & Exterior Washing has another solution that is customized for shingle roof tiles. Our roof wash process involves a low to no pressure technique. Our clients love it, and our Hammond soft wash roof cleaning process is recommended by the ARMA. Not only does our roof cleaning process protect your roof, but it also helps us lookout for the environment.

We understand that algae can grow back after it has been removed. That is why we do not consider the job finished until our roof pressure washing process is over. The next stage is to reduce the regrowth of algae by applying a proprietary solution. This both slows the regrowth of algae and helps to protect the roof.

The combination of our low-pressure power washing and our powerful, but eco-friendly, the cleaning solution can have your roof looking good for a long time to come. Our Hammond roof cleaning services will eliminate bacteria, fungus, algae, and more. All without a pressure washer insight.

Your Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Company 

Ethan’s Roof & Exterior Washing can offer this roof wash service for the residents of Hammond. Immediately after applying our gentle, soft-wash solution, you will see how quickly and effectively your roof is cleaned.

For a heavily stained roof, which means it has a large growth of contaminants, we might need to make several applications. Of course, we do this at no extra cost to you. We provide the service, and the job is not done until it is clean. We aim to help your roof look almost like new for you, and we can achieve that without compromising the integrity of your surfaces.

Our Hammond pressure wash roof cleaning professionals know how to treat different surfaces. We know how much power they can take, the effect of water and our cleaning solution, and the kinds of contaminants we are likely to encounter. Since our technicians are professionals, you do not need to worry that we will turn up without the exact equipment we need to complete the job.

All our technicians are fully trained before we let them work on a client’s property, unsupervised. We know how inconvenient it is to have people arrive late or return to base for extra equipment. We will not do this to you.

Hammond Roof Cleaning Services

If you want your home to look like the AFTER section of a “before and after” photoshoot, contact us today. We will make it a reality for you, and we will do it using safe techniques to revitalize your roof, without causing unnecessary damage.

We have thousands of happy clients to speak to our services and extensive experience in the field. However, if you are not convinced yet, we also offer a 3-year warranty to all our customers. After our safe and affordable soft washing process, you can look forward to a great-looking roof that lasts a long time.

We can also take care of other problems including gutter cleaning. This will be easier for us to do than for you to do it yourself and risk damage or injury.

Contact Ethan’s Roof & Exterior Washing today to make your life easier and your Hammond house better-looking with power wash roof cleaning. We are ready to work for you and we service all around the Hammond area. Do not let your home be an eyesore. Be a beacon in your community by having the cleanest roof in town without harming the environment or putting a dent in your wallet.

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