Don’t Get Tagged: Five Tips to Prevent Graffiti Damage to Your Property

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your home or business and finding you’ve been vandalized. While getting tagged with graffiti is better than getting your windows smashed out, it can still be expensive and tedious to remedy. 

Furthermore, having your property vandalized is an intrusion of your privacy and can feel violating. Depending on what the graffiti is or says, it may also be offensive. As a business owner, you could lose out on potential customers who are turned away by the vandalism.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We specialize in removing all types of graffiti. Just as importantly, we want to provide you with five concrete ways to reduce your chances of getting tagged. 

1. Install Visible Security Cameras

Installing visible security cameras is one of the best things you can do to learn how to prevent graffiti. People are less likely to do something illegal or unsavory if they know they’re being watched. Even people who aren’t doing anything wrong change their behavior if they think they’re being watched. 

Just make sure the security camera is clearly visible. However, it must also be out of reach, or it too may get tagged with spray paint. 

2. Use Motion-Sensing Flood Lights Around Your Property

We also recommend installing bright, motion-sensing lights. These lights are triggered when people come within a certain distance. They should be placed at or near access points where a vandal might try to sneak onto the property. 

The lights should also provide clear illumination where the vandal would most-likely target your property with different types of graffiti. They wouldn’t want to operate under bright lights where others might see what they’re doing.

3. Hire a Night Security Guard for Your Business

If you have a large property that’s difficult to cover with security cameras and lights alone, it could be beneficial to hire a nighttime roving security guard. There are a lot of benefits of hiring a security guard, especially when it comes to preventing crime and property damage.

Their presence alone will be enough to dissuade most vandals. However, a roving security guard can keep a constant eye out for intruders who decide to press their luck.

4. Put Up a Fence Around the Property

Learning how to prevent graffiti could require putting up a chain-link fence around your property. It should also have a locking gate. While intruders can easily climb fences, they’ll be less likely to tag your property with graffiti if they have to work hard to gain access to it.

You should pair the fence with motion lights and security cameras to provide multiple levels of deterrents.

5. Remove Potential Hiding Places

Finally, you can improve graffiti prevention on your property by removing any places of cover. If there are bushes, dumpsters, or other objects which vandals can easily hide behind, it gives them more cover to vandalize your property. 

We understand that you can’t simply make your property a barren landscape. However, the fewer hiding places there are, the harder it will be to sneak onto your property and tag it with graffiti.

Do You Need Help Removing Various Types of Graffiti from Your Property?

If you’ve recently had your property damaged by any vandals, we can help. As noted above, we specialize in removing various types of graffiti without causing further damage to your property. Contact us today to inquire about our services or request a quote. 

If you need any more advice about property care, be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go.