The Negatives Of Pressure Washing

When you first see your home with the green-black mold or algae, you want it off immediately.

Often times, homeowners want to use a pressure washer on their home because it seems like a good and simple way to wash the grime and dirt off, however, it may actually cause more problems.

The paint can be ripped off, screens can be torn and vinyl siding can be damaged, knocked off or loosened.

If your home is made of brick and mortar, that can also be damaged.

Negatives – Using a pressure washer to clean your home may not be all that it is cracked up to be.

The pressure can blast through wood, asphalt and even concrete if close enough.

So, you’re forcing water behind the siding which could cause problems within your walls and you wouldn’t even know until it’s too late.

It could soak the wall cavities, insulation, flooring, etc.

Then once it is inside, it’s hard to solve the problem, making an easy fix extremely difficult.

If there are any cracks or gaps, the pressure washer will find them.

Along with the damage to your home, pressure washing also increases the risk of personal injury.

Many people feel that they need to be up close and personal with the grime and dirt so thy use a ladder which often results in injury.

A strong sprayer can cause wounds that don’t seem serious but can result in infection and lead to other serious problems.

It can also injure those around you while you’re spraying.

Our soft wash process uses the pressure similar to a garden hose.

And not only do we wash the house, we treat it as well.

It’s 100% eco-friendly and will not damage your home or you!

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