Exterior House Cleaning: The Three Most Common Surfaces

Over time, your house can build up moss, dust, and natural dirt and grime. In order to get your house into shape, it’s time for an exterior house cleaning.

The first step to cleaning the outside of your house is to identify what type of surfaces you’re dealing with. Does your house use vinyl surfaces? Wood maybe?

Today, we’re going to tell you three of the most common types of surfaces and how to clean them.

1. Stucco

If you’re unfamiliar with stucco, it’s basically cement that looks very much like plaster. Stucco tends to have coarse patterns across it that give it visible texture. While it’s a great surface and easily affordable, it does get dirty.

Before you start cleaning, go ahead and check for chips and cracks. If you find any, repair them.

After this, it’s time to break out your power washer. You’ll want to rinse off the surface first, and then you’ll want to spray it down with a suitable cleaner at a low-pressure setting.

After applying the cleaner, quickly rinse it off with clean water. It’s important to do this quickly so the cleaner you’re using doesn’t dry.

2. Brick

When it comes to cleaning brick, you just need your trusty power washer and the right solution. With brick exteriors, there are a few different solutions you can concoct, but the main ones will be a general solution and a moss, mold, and mildew solution.

The basic solution can be made with either soap and water, or vinegar and water. The triple M solution is made by mixing one cup of bleach with a gallon of water.

Before you start applying your solutions, rinse down the brick surface. Then, with a scrub brush, start cleaning. With the bleach solution, make sure to apply it with a sponge to not cause any bleach stains on the brick.

After you’ve applied your solution, rinse off the brick fully with your power washer. Use a low-pressure setting because your power washer can cause some damage if you’re not careful. We also recommend protecting the area surrounding the brick surface so that way your solutions don’t damage anything.

3. Aluminum

Cleaning aluminum exteriors is simple. Most grime can be removed with a regular spray

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down from your garden hose.

For a more supervised clean, you can hand wash the surface with soap and water. For strong and difficult stains, bring your power washer over and spray it down with a low-pressure setting.

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