The Importance of Having Your Gutters Cleaned Out

Louisiana is home to many different tree species, including live oak, bald cypress, magnolia, slash pine and sweet gum. The wind blows various pieces of the tree every which way, you know what happens? Gutters get clogged up with airborne debris. Normally, gutters should allow rainwater to flow right off the roof, down the pipes, and into the yard somewhere so the house doesn’t get damaged or flooded. When gutters get dirty, though, they cannot function as intended. You should see how some people’s gutters have become so gunked up with wet, gross leaves and other “stuff.”

Issues That Dirty Gutters Cause

Dirty gutters can lead to roof rot, critters and pests turning the gutters into their nests/homes, and physical damage to parts of your home, like the fascia board(s). If the gutters are “overflowing,” that can lead to water pooling along your home’s foundation or overflowing into the wood frame structure of the house causing wood rot. If the weather gets particularly cold, especially in the winter, the water could freeze and put cracks into your foundation. Pooling water also attracts bugs.

Most homeowners don’t want the dirty job of cleaning out dirty gutters. Heck, most don’t even want to get a ladder and climb it to see how their gutters look. Oftentimes, people ignore their gutters until they’re so dirty or clogged that the damage is both high and costly– not good.

Rather than let wood rot, mildew grow, insulation gets ruined and electrical wires get corroded, it makes sense to have your gutters professionally inspected and cleaned every year or so. Some people are physically unable to clean their own gutters. Others want no part of it because they don’t like heights and they don’t like getting dirty. That’s totally understandable.

Eventually, dirty gutters need cleaning. In Louisiana, call 985-789-6436 for Ethan’s Roof & Exterior Washing to come inspect and clean your gutters.