The Ultimate Guide to Mandeville Sidewalk Cleaning

It’s easy to forget about the exterior of your home, especially because you spend so much time inside it. You only see your sidewalk or driveway when you come inside and when you leave, so the chores inside the home get more of your time and attention. Yet dirty sidewalks and driveways are easy to fix and vastly improve the exterior aesthetic of your home.

As winter abates and you spend more time outside, it might be time to consider┬ásidewalk cleaning. Below you’ll find everything you need to know, from DIY options to professional cleaning services.

Use Caution

You can use a pressure washer sidewalk cleaner to clean your sidewalks. It’s a favorite solution of homeowners because you can do it without professional help. Yet you need to use caution to make sure you stay safe while using the pressure washer.

Prep the area by clearing it of debris before you start. If you don’t sweep your driveway of small gravel or dirt, the pressure washer can kick it up and cause injury. Wear protective gear like goggles if you want to avoid eye injury.

Make sure you read and understand all the instructions that come with your pressure washer, and have any bystanders clear the area before you start. If you have a damaged driveway or sidewalk, you may need to consider resurfacing, rather than just a cleaning.

Sidewalk Cleaning: Should I Use Detergent?

If you have rust stains or mold, pressure washing can help remove them. Even without a detergent, the high-powered pressure washer can make a big difference on your concrete. Yet your sidewalk cleaning machine may recommend using a detergent for your sidewalk or driveway.

Test a small area of your sidewalk without the detergent. How big of a difference did it make? If you’re satisfied with the improvement, you may not feel you need detergent.

Deciding to use detergent can make a big difference on your Mandeville sidewalks. If you can afford to spend the extra to buy the detergent, it could be worth the extra effort.

Take note of the type of detergent your machine recommends. You need to buy detergent that’s not going to harm the environment or cause a problem when it empties into your storm drains and city water system.


Generally using a pressure washer for┬ácleaning mold off a concrete sidewalk means you don’t have to scrub the concrete. Yet there may be cases where you’ll want to use some elbow grease to finish the job. Psychologists say the extra effort is even┬ágood for your mental health.

After you’ve finished pressure washing your sidewalks and driveway, let it dry overnight. Then look for any spots you may have missed or that have tough stains. Touch up these spots with some pressure washer detergent and a heavy-duty scrub brush.

Soft Wash

While a sidewalk pressure cleaner can be a handy tool, it can also be a lot of work. Consider a professional service with soft wash available. You’ll avoid the risks of using a pressure washer yourself, and a professional will have more experience.

They’ll get the job done faster and more efficiently without the risk to you. They may have special tools or techniques to help get your driveway cleaner. 

A Job Well Done

Sidewalk cleaning is a chore, but when it’s done, you’ll love the results. Cleaner driveways and sideways improve the aesthetic of your home and you’ll feel satisfied with the fresh look.

To ensure a professional job, request a quote today from Ethan’s.