The Best Gutter Cleaning Tips

Fall will be here before you know it, and that means it is time to think about cleaning gutters. Utilizing the appropriate gutter cleaning tips will both ensure your safety and make sure that your home is looking its best. 

Let’s take a look at the four best tips for keeping your gutters clean and functional. 

1. Ladder Safety

There are over 500,000 falls from ladders each year, and 97% of those falls occur at home. When cleaning your gutters, you will likely be using a ladder, so safety is the number one priority. 

Here are some key tips:

  • Always make sure to let someone know that you will be working on your ladder, or have a spotter
  • Use a ladder stabilizer for extra support
  • Never stand on the top rung of your ladder
  • Never use a broken or damaged ladder
  • Never work in inclement weather

Using ladder safety tips can help to prevent injury or death. Use caution with wooden ladders, as they tend to be less sturdy. 

2. Use a Gutter Scoop 

Using a gutter scoop will aid you in getting the maximum amount of debris out of your gutters.

Avoid using metal scoops though, as these scoops can scrape the interior of the gutter, which can cause rust to develop. 

3. Clear the Downspouts Thoroughly 

Once you have cleaned the gutters thoroughly, move on to the downspouts. Downspouts can become clogged with sticks and leaves, which can be tough to flush out with rainwater alone. 

Start by trying to flush the downspout from the top with your garden hose at full pressure. If you begin to see the water bubble up at the top, there is likely a clog.

Move to the bottom of the downspout and try spraying water up to flush from the bottom. If the clog will not budge, you may need to remove the downspout and clear it with a tool. 

4. Pressure Wash

Once all large debris have been cleared out of the gutters and downspouts, your gutters will likely look very dirty. Use a pressure washer to polish the exterior of the gutters and remove any stains that may have developed over the year. 

Cleaning Gutters Will Save You

Cleaning gutters regularly can save you money and headaches. A gutter replacement can cost homeowners almost $5,000 in some cases.

Try to do a deep cleaning of your gutters at least twice a year. In between scheduled gutter cleanings keep an eye on the build-up of debris on the roof, as it could eventually make its way to the gutters and cause them to sag. 

If you have more questions, or if you would like to learn more about how you can maintain your home, click here.